New Writer in search of help!

I’m in search of some help directing my characters :tired_face: I have the plot and everything formed just need help getting everything started!


Everything is created! I need some help starting up my Episode

look at the other videos. there is evrything . choices. layers spot directing

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look at the other videos. there is evrything . choices. layers spot directing

Why is my characters showing up like this?

you have picked the Spotlight version.

How do I change it?

So when you began, you must’ve clicked spotlight. It showed you this window:

and you selected that instead of clicking over to full character display.

A lot of authors say spotlight is easier/faster to code with though, so you can totally keep it.
Otherwise if you want to change it to full character display, as far as I know there isn’t a way to switch the format in the same story. So you’ll have to delete the unpublished story with the red delete button

Create a new story and select full display. You will have to remake any characters/outfits you created though :frowning_face:

Omg noooooooooo I’ve created all my characterssss!! :woman_facepalming:t5:

How do I delete the other story? It’s not showing up delete?

you cant delete the story if you have had it saved. yes it suck

You cannot delete the story once you saved it already, but what you can do is create another.

Need help string my characters create their own character!

That’s pretty complicated coding- luckily the lovely Dara Amarie has a template for character customization: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

Be sure to copy the script entirely and not change labels/brackets if you’re not sure what they do. Also be sure to credit her using a reader messages ( put a new line in the script saying “readerMessage Customization template made by Dara Amarie!”).

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