New writer looking for a co-writer

Hi! My name Cyrenthia and I’m completely new to script writing and I had an idea for a story but I’m slowly learning while writing the story and it’s process, to say the least, haha. I was just hoping to find someone who will help me write but not only listen to my crazy ideas but also contribute they’re own and teach me or learn with me whatever works best. :slightly_smiling_face: I can also draw but I’m not sure how to contribute that here and I can make simple splashes.

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Ok! I can be your writing partener! @Rainbowgirl20

Hi Danielle, thanks for replying do you have a way you prefer to communicate?

Here or instagram.

Since I can sign into on any other accounts. We will have to use the one I am using with my other cowriter. @Rainbowgirl20

Sounds great! I just made a new Instagram for it.

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Ok. Do you wanna stat working thorugh PM?

Sure, my username is Rainbowgirl.episodes.

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On instagram right?


is there still a space for me to be a co writer with u