New writer looking for someone to help me write my story!


Hi! I’m a new writer! and I have a perfect story in mind! I’ve started on the first chapter but I’m looking for someone to partner with to help make this story the best I can, and help teach me along the way :joy: If anyone is interested in helping a newbie!


I’d love to help!


Do you have discord?


okay great! and no I dont know what that is


ill get it if i need it


Okay… it will probably be easier if you have it, but we can totally chat on here, if you want.


I can help! I’ve been writing and coding on Episode for a while, so I can help you get the hang of directing commands and writing styles and things like that, if you are still looking for help.


i got it


I’d love to help if you’re still interested!


I’d love to help!


Do you still need help with your story please I want to help