New writer need help with promoting

I will need help to promote my story as I have just started recently, this is my first time trying this and going this far.

Previously I wanted to start an episode story 2 years ago but never got the courage to do so because I thought that I was not good enough.

Today I have decided to give it a try and would like to publish my first story.

I will dieta publish a pilot and get opinions from people. Bare in mind that I am a student so updates will be weekly or so.

I will also need help with a cover for my story.

If you could help me I would be very grateful, thank you so much.


This shop can help you with your cover.

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It’s good to have an Instagram for Episode. That way, you can promote your story there, too. I can give your story a shoutout on Instagram. My Instagram is @amphia.episode.

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I agree with getting an instagram for your episode. It helps promote it a lot! Tell me if/when you have an insta and I’ll follow you back. my insta is gabi.episode

I can add you to a group chat I’m apart of too.

Yes please, that would be very helpful, I will let you know very soon when I create my account

Stay safe

Yes, when I publish the pilot of my story I will let you know, thank you very much, this means a lot to me

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Can you do a splash for my story please if possible

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What do you want your splash to say? What background do you want?

I want a blue background like the ocean and I want it to say this “Thank you for reading the story, please feel free to give your honest opinions about the chapter”

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I have just created my account it is Alo_episodes I just followed you now

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I created my account it is Alo_episodes, please add me to the group chat, I would like to get to know other authors and learn more about writing

I’ll do it in a sec. My username is gabi.episode

Ok. Added you to two group chats

whats it about

thank you

Okay :smiley:

helping writers promote their story

Hey there! Can you follow my insta acc: @Episode.MnM
I’d love to do a R4R and shoutouts! I am very new to all this and would love any help! I need more followers on instagram and reads! I’ll def give you a follow too :smile:

Thank you very much I will follow you now