New writer needing some tips n tricks!



I am a new editor wanting some tips on writing a good juicy story?
thanks :slight_smile:


Long episodes, lots of choices but not too many, have lots of plot twists


Good episode lengths, character development, important choices, plot twists and an equal mix of description and visuals!

  • First impressions are important! You’re first chapter is what will attract readers.
  • Cliff hangers are the best way to go. (works on me lol)
  • 15-20 minute long episodes is a good length
  • Working hard on directing makes such a difference!
  • Making choices that actually important, I personally don’t like when it’s choice like “i like dogs” or whatever.
  • Character and world building.


I agree completely! Brilliant criteria :heart::heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Remember, even through it’s Episode Choose Your Story most popular user stories don’t have many choices because people like it that one way :joy:
The only choices they really have is how you’re going to look for the day.


Lol, truuuee


Have a unique plot line. Even if you base your story off of a common idea change it up to make it unique.
Also keep the readers guessing. Don’t make it too predictable or the readers may get bored.
Spend the extra time improving the code. It looks way more professional when you add zooms, sound, transitions, etc.
Hope this helps!