New writer needs Advices

Hey, I’m Marna! :kissing_closed_eyes:
I’m new in this and I’m very excited I just started to know how to code in Episode. The thing is I feel like I’m lacking a lot of experience.
I would really like to have some help with this Episode world and get advices in spot directing, my story’s plot and everything.
In exchange, I can be a very good beta reader. I’m a perfectionist who likes to read well-made stories so if you want, I can give you my most real and honest opinion on what you are doing.
Thank you a lot in advance!


Hi!! Welcome to the community :heartbeat: I remember starting out and it was so difficult, but you get the hang of it! There are so many helpful threads here and so many helpful people here who offer advice on directing and story plot :heartpulse: I wish you immense luck :smile:

Maybe I’ll come to you soon about your beta reading offer when I’m finished my first 3 chapters :grin::heartbeat:


Hi and welcome :slight_smile: DM me any time you need help with something, especially coding :slight_smile: Or just ask on here, the people are super helpful.

Here are some helpful links:

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Thank you so much!
Yeah, I’ve already watched almost all of the Joseph Evans videos. Couldn’t have started without him! I think I wanted to talk about this with people with real experience. I know you all have been through this! :joy:
But thank you for replying, it means a lot.

Thank you so much! Yeah, starts are always difficult I guess, haha. But it’s really satisfying to see how I’m perfecting my skills.

Please do it! I would love to help you too! :rose:

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Thanks a lot!
I will watch the videos and if I have any more questions, I’ll send you a message.
I really appreciate the help. :heart:

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Hello Marna!

Welcome! I agree with what everyone else said, it can be difficult in the beginning but you will get the hang of it. There’s also alot of help here on the forums, and YouTube too! So never shy away from asking.

I’m here aswell, if you ever need help with coding or absolutely anything, so feel free to PM me! :hearts:


First off, welcome to the community! :blush: I hope you enjoy your time here.

Secondly, here are some things that might help you(?):

Feel free to PM me if you ever need any specific help, general ideas, an opinion, tips etc or just wanna talk. Good luck with your story and your writing btw!


Thank you so much!
I really appreciate it. I might use your help anytime soon,


hi! i remember first starting out, and I literally had no idea what to do! what really helped me was checking out dara amarie’s tutorials and guides, but also just trying things out and playing around with the different commands and animations! also, these forums are really good, and you can often find answers with any small issue that you might have (they really helped me out a number of times!) I wish you the best of luck on your episode coding and stories! I hope it all works out well for you :slight_smile:

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Of course, no problem! I’d love to help out. :hearts:

Thank you so much! You’re all giving me a lot of hope and motivation.
I’ll do my best. :heart:

Thank you!!!
I’m currently reading all the info and sources you sent to me.
I’m really grateful :rose:

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No problem!

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