New writer needs help

Hi there :grin:
So in one scene I want both my characters to stand in the scene instead of walking into the scene while facing rear and in zone 2 :see_no_evil: I also have spots that I would like them to stand in but everything Iā€™m trying gives errors! Please help!

Can you tell me the background name?

Its a custom back ground called INT.SNOW

To have characters in a spot without walking, this is the formula

&cut to zone 2
@CHAR spot (x,y,z) in zone 2 AND CHAR2 spot (x,y,z) in zone 2 AND CHAR is idle_rear AND CHAR2 is idle_rear

And how would I command my characters to hug? Iā€™m trying but its coming out wonky :neutral_face:

@CHAR moves to layer 1
@CHAR2 moves to layer 0
@CHAR is hug_rear AND CHAR faces left AND CHAR2 is hug AND CHAR2 faces left

Thank you so much! And when they face rear how can I get them to face the same direction?