New Writer Needs Help!

Hello all,
I am new to writing and am looking for some help. I am trying to write a story, but I at least want to make an introduction scene before i begin. Would anyone be able to help me get past this point? Also, would it be easier to start the story on the mobile app and then transfer to Limelight?
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Joseph Evans has good tutorials :smile:

THANK YOU! I am watching his tutorials now, i’m just wondering why my charcaters are appearing in bubbles, instead of walking on the screen. I am so lost. I’ll figure it out.

this is what i see when i preview, is this right?

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Yes, did you want your characters walking into the screen and out? Ik how to

Is she supposed to be walking in the box, and not on the scene?

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I’ll send through how to see the characters in a full body mode💗

Here’s one of Joseph Evans’ tutorials! Just follow the playlist!

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You are currently using LL and you are currently using spotlight you have to make a new story and change it to full character display💗

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Thank You Soooo Much, I have racked my brain on what I did wrong…You’re A Lifesaver :heart:

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Thank you :heart:



Can someone explain why my previewer is moving so fast when i preview my characters? I have my “pause for a beat” and/or "pause for (x) ", but the preview moves so fast that I can’t see my actions. It even moves fast when I view it on the mobile app.

I recommend Joseph Evans. <3


I’ve read stories and seen where the character is deep breathing in and out? where do i find that action or how do i get them to do it using Limelight?

Thats A command.


Thanks so much, I should have known that. :heart:

I m a new episode writer and had gone far in creating my story but made the mistake of adding the Narrator as a character - now whenever i write narrator the character pops up - Someone please help

If you are writing in, open your character list for your story, then click the character you want to delete and the choice to delete or save changes should be there. Now you should be able to use your narrator without a character popping up. Hope I helped. :blush: