New writer! New Story!

Hello everyone! I’m not new to Episode but I’m new to forums! I’ve come here in search of a writing partner for a script I’ve been working on but can’t seem to get the directing part down! I’m an awesome writer just not good with directing my characters! I’m searching for a partner who can help me direct my characters! I have my plot written up for the Episode already! If you need help with your story I can only help you write and check for mistakes! Pleaseeeeeeeeee let me know if you’re up for the help! I have really good story thought of and I can’t seem to get it up off the ground!!

I could help you with the directing part.
Directing always has been one of my favourite things to do.

What directing do you need help with?

Oh my dear thank you!!! Do you have email? We can chat there! I dnt have an Instagram and Ik that’s how most of the writers talk!

Could you msg me here? Send me a pm :heartbeat:

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Okay I surely will!

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