New Writer Now Published! Please read!

Hi All!
Its my first ever post on the forum, so bare with me whilst I get used to it :slight_smile:

After about two weeks, I’ve finallt finished and published my story!

Name: How To: A Woman’s Guide
Episodes: 3 and more to come
Genre: Romance/Drama

Story Description:
Romy is a city girl trying to build a name for herself in the Journalism Industry, when her boss challenges her to write something a bit unconventional about a new flame… :fire:
Custom MC

I’m also keen to read other peoples stories :smile:

Link is below

Thank you so much!



i like it, but i would recommend adding punctuation to every sentence, since i don’t see a lot. also make sure to use apostrophes when needed, example: its so hot outside to it’s so hot outside because it’s is short for it is. just a few tips! :))

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Thank you! I will definitely revisit that!


glad i could help! overall, nice job! :yellow_heart:

I have now finished episode 2 and am part way through episode 3.
There are still some tweaks that still have to be made, especially with some of the fades in the recap.

Anyone else that could read it and give me feedback would be great.
Also up for R4R :blush:

Officially published! Will do R4R!