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I’ve been reading episode stories in about 4 years and have always wanted to create my own stories.
Problem is as a coder Episode has a really comarplicated way of scripting and coding and there is a lot of help available in forums.episode (this webbsite) but its hard to find help elsewhere and its weirdly structured in a way that makes you confused.

For all people who’s been in the same situation but now know the answers to how to script, why the coding is in the way it is and how you can fulfill advanced coding from creative ideas (I want my story to be uniqe and to be able to put my ideas into episodes coding without any hinder or problemes) Idk but it seems like some of my ideas r hard to code in episode bc there is either no way of doing it or hard to find people who knows how to do it, I would appreciate some guidens, tips and tricks.

I dont want to start with my story and later realize that I wont be able to publish it because of some difficulties that worsens my story and creativity instead I want to be able to put my ideas into action.

Btw is there any art creators u would recommend would appreciate that as well


Hey there :tulip: I recommend starting here: Episode Limelight Tutorial 1: START HERE!
Joseph Evans is one of the very first writers on Episode and his tutorials are super helpful! Pretty much every author started there :slight_smile:


you can find artists in the art section of the forum, there are many art shops.

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There is a forum that is made for new writers where people have left advice if you check for them you will see good coding tips. Find someone to help you get the basics, watch videos on youtube and then once you got the basics then you can try more advanced coding. If you need help then you should ask exact questions so people can help but remember to be nice or people will not like you and will be less likely to help you.


I totally understand how you’re feeling, I only started coding in May 2020 and I remember sitting on my couch crying because I couldn’t figure out how to make my characters stop talking when their dialogue was done. It’s only been 9 months since I started, and I’ve done some pretty advanced things, and been featured as an Editor’s Pick because of my coding!

Once you really start understanding it, it becomes fairly intuitive. There isn’t an idea I’ve had so far that I wasn’t able to execute. But it isn’t just going to come to you overnight, it takes practice, and a lot of it. I recommend coming up with your ideas, and then if there’s something you’re not sure how to do, either watching related videos or coming to the forums. Try not to rely on templates or other people too much, otherwise you won’t learn to do it for yourself. Make friends in the community who can give you guidance, and read other people’s stories for coding inspiration. It’ll come with time and practice!


I want to emphasise this! I have seen too many people do this and it means they end up making multiple threads on the basics because people spoon fed them and now they are known as the annoying ones on the forums.


Yes, absolutely! The forums are so so active and pretty much every question out there has been asked at some point. Even just googling “How to code a car scene Episode Interactive” or whatever it is you’re struggling with will give you hundred of resources. It’s faster for you since you won’t have to wait for an answer, and it doesn’t create spam in the forums. Posting for more complicating help or specific issues you’re having is the way to go, anything basic is already out there!


Dang! You sound like an awesome coder.


Thank you! I really do love coding, it’s my favourite part of writing on Episode :slight_smile:


I really appreciate all of ur answers although a lot of them I’ve already tried or already knew about but I have come to a conclusion.

Like I said and like @anon6748744 mentioned this forum/webbsite has a lot of answers to the same question which confuses and might misdirect so I will instead create a test story as I thought about in the first place and practice my coding to see if I can execute all of my ideas and to get comfortable with the coding.

I have some questions tho

  1. Can u create ur own music/soundeffect or use someone else’s in my episode story
  2. Can u create ur own clothes / hair etc (I remember reading a story where the author used someones clothing design while giving a shoutout)
  3. Is there an episode generator / webbsite that creates background charachters automatically or at least show up some code for the charachters.

These r some questions I yet havent got answers to and that seems unfulfillable

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  1. No, all available sounds are in the sounds are in the portal under sounds. People have requested for this feature but it would cause copyright problems.

  2. You can only use what episode has released for hair and what they were giving a shoutout for was making outfits from what episode have released.

  3. You can ask people for background characters to use if that’s what you mean.

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