New writer on episode ! ✰✰

hi guys !! I’m a new writer on episode, and my new story should hopefully be published by tomorrow. It’s called Lost and Found, and its basically about a girl named Mavis, who has depression and PTSD from a traumatic event she experienced, and she also deals with bullying. She struggles with having motivation to hang out and interact with her friends and to do anything tbh, but luckily they’re understanding and over time, help her see that life is worth living. The love interest- Daniel, lives a pretty good life compared to her, so being around him and his family helped her the most. Also, it’s called Lost and Found since she lost herself, and she needed to find herself again. Sorry I SUCK at descriptions so forgive me :sob::sob:. It would mean the WORLD to me if anyone would read it and share to others!! Also, sorry if it’s terrible it’s my first time writing I’m still learning how to work everything :weary: Thank you !! (My insta is lilygrqcewrites- I will post updates there) ✰


Just followed! I look forward to reading and we can do read for read when it comes out if you’re interested :relieved:

Hiya! :blush: I’ve followed you on instagram. Once your story is out I’d be interested in doing a r4r g4g with you

Thank you !! And of course :blush:

Thanks and definitely !! :smile:

Good luck for your new story! Looking forward to reading it, I really like plots that deal with mental health issues! :+1: