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I have been wanting to make a story for TWO YEARS now, I have plenty ideas and this one idea that I really want to do. Whenever I try to write so many times I chicken out and feel insecure about my writing and feel like it’s not good enough :fearful:. I want my story to have amazing directing, dramatic and organic story-lines/dialogue, some comedy and likable lively characters. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much in advance…:pray:t5::kissing_heart:

  1. If you’re insecure about your writing, you’re probably already a good writer. You want to make sure your readers are getting your best content, and that shows that you’re already good enough.

  2. If you already have an idea of what your story is going to be about, imagine what type of personalties you would want in that situation. Remember that people aren’t one-dimensional, so even your background nerd/jocks/popular kids should have substance to them.

  3. Make sure none of your characters actions are completely predictable. For example: Have your nicest character betray someone. Have your meanest character sacrifice something for someone they’re mean to. Have your strongest character lose a fight. Et cetera.

  4. If you got your lines or dramatic moments from a TV show you just watched or a book you just read; don’t. If it inspires you, twist it around a little.

  5. Don’t overanalyze your work. While it’s great to have a conscience that wants the best for your stories, if you give it too much power it could destroy your work entirely. Sometimes, your best ideas can seem to you like your most ridiculous.


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Write everything down! Don’t just keep them in your mind. Write whatever comes to mind.
Don’t erase things, if you don’t like an idea or aren’t sure about how it would fit in your story, don’t erase it. It might be useful later on.
Consider getting a writing partner.


Just start writing. My writing was SO BAD when I was 12/13, but I wrote anyway, and I improved as a result. :slight_smile: Directing especially doesn’t come unless you practice. You don’t even have to publish your work! Just write. No one can read it unless you publish the story.

I found something that really helped me was getting a beta-reader (not for Episode. Back when I still wrote fanfiction :joy:). Having a second set of eyes to look over my story and go, “Cait, you gotta fix this part up, and here’s a list of reasons why” helped me learn and improve so much!

You can share a story with someone by link before you actually publish it officially, so if you wanted to, you could get someone to take a look at it and have them tell you what they think is good, and what needs improvement.
Heck, I could do it for you if you ever wanted.

Another piece of advice I have is, while you’re writing the story, play test it on your phone from start to finish and write down things you think need fixing as you play through. It really helps me find directing bugs. And it also helps me improve my dialogue and narration. Sometimes something sounds good when you write it in the online portal, but when you play through the actual Episode, it sounds so unnatural during the flow of conversation.

Also, if you do publish your work, don’t let how many reads you get dictate how good you think your story is. Just remember, Episode published “Mr. Popular and I” as an official story, and it is.,. lacking, to say the least :woman_shrugging:
Meanwhile, there are tons of hidden gems out there with under a thousand reads.

  1. Honestly, try your best. It can be hard to do something you feel at least a little passionate about in fear of someone knocking you down.
  2. I feel like you should definitely put your personality into it, it really makes it YOUR story. I don’t have much experience as I’ve only made one story that I just released and it has about 2 reads (just in case you want to help a girl out it’s called Freakish), but it’s important to make it fit who you are. At least that’s what I like in a story.
  3. It’s fine to use cliches, but to much to where someone can guess the entire plot within the first few episodes.
  4. With the lively characters, give them all different quirks. Maybe one character will call some other characters by their last name, another would have a cute nickname for everyone. Maybe one character likes to dance in public and tries to lighten the mood, maybe another would be a little shy in public. Everyone has a different personality and that’s okay, but don’t have one character make their friend do something they don’t want to do (like go to a party when they wanted to stay home to study). I personally despise those characters. Also don’t make them mentally of physically abusive, unless that type of thing is a base for part of the story. A likable thing is for some characters to be independent and capable of making mature decisions, but also have and amazing personality (especially the main character), unless that’s the type of character that you are trying to present. (It depends on the situation.)
  5. If you have trouble directing I would recommend watching some of Joseph Evans’ directing tutorials (that’s the first thing I did). These forums are also very helpful.
  6. GRAMMAR - It’s okay to not be perfect, but try to make it legible. A large vocabulary is also interesting in a story, whether it’s a trait of a character or a narration style.

(I legit spent about 30 minutes typing this, hope I helped)


Thank you for feedback! I have been following your steps since, you must be a great author :grin:

Thank you so much for character tips, I appreciate it. Do you have any stories I can take example of like, what to do and what not to do?

Don’t do: there are a lot of romance stories that have guy as a heartless bad boy and they make the MC with little to no personality and not able to take care of themselves. If that’s the personality type that you are trying to make the character fit, it’s fine, but so many writers make amazing stories and give a bland personality to the MC along with having no talents or needing help with academics. Again if that’s the character type it’s fine, but there is something interesting in every person, which should also be portrayed in the characters. The characters are all individuals, even if they act the same.

Do: Even if the character has a small personality, they still need a quirk. They could be smart, funny, altheletic, etc. If they don’t have something about them, why are they here?


Is there any sort of Rubric for stories?

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