New writers group

Hi I’m Charlee

I have been an avid fan of episode over the last couple of years, I have wanted for a long time to create my own story but as the coding, directing and such can be challenging, I have only ever been able to create a few episodes and nothing in which was worth publishing. Therefore I’m looking for new writers from all over the episode community that wish to start a new writers group in which we can all shares ideas for stories, help one another with coding, directing ect and generally have a good time and make some new friends at the same time. If your interested leave a message and I will get back in touch as soon as I can. Thank you for reading.

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I am really interessed… what are your ideas for the story?:wink: p.s. My name is Starlett

Hi Starlett thank you for your reply and I’m glad to hear your interested. I have two main ideas for two stories. The first is my own and it’s called the devils redemption, it’s about a young girl who dies tradically, suddenly she’s thrown into a world where heaven and hell exist, she works for the devil but dosen’t know why and goes on to find out she harbours great power that can either restore the world or destroy it and God and the devil made a deal for her soul to stop the power destroying the world. However she has a guardian angel throughout who helps her see all sides of both god and the devil.

My second story is called Love and Death: The Curse. It’s based on the game Love and Death: Bitten, however I have changed the names of the characters, added more to the storyline and have also changed the ending so that it could go onto another season. It’s set in the middle ages and is about a girl, a 200 year old vampire and the vampire witch that devastates the girls village with her minions and keeps her vampire to do her biding. However the girl goes after the vampire and finds the witch’s castle on her journey, her quest is to unlock a potion protected by daylight and save the vampire who she gradually begins to fall for. The witch finds out and attacks the girl after she convinces the vampire to drink to the potion and instead of biting the girl she re-bites the vampire but now he is strong enough to defeat her. The fight takes place in the village, they save the village and believe they defeated the witch. This can then follow onto next season. What do you think as these are just basic outlines at the moment, let me know when you can. :grin::vampire:‍♀:smiling_imp:

I like your ideas, I prefer the second one but I also like the first one

Thank you I haven’t been too sure on either of them really but glad to hear that you like them. So what kind of ideas of you had for a story?:grin:

Hi, may I join?

Hi im Charlee creater of this group nice to meet you Unicore_Phoebe and of course you can, I’m looking to make a group of writers for a story wheather it be my own or a collaboration of our ideas :grin: