New writers help for you

if you are new here on episode kind of like I am I’ve been on episode for at least a year now but still mess up on my scripts well my advice for you is if you can’t find the help you need on here you may always use YouTube If you Google Joseph Evans he can talk you through the most complicated parts and the most ones that you would think you would never mess up on I hope for the newbies this really does help because it help me out a lot
you can find him @JosephEvansAuthor
or you can log into YouTube and Just search Joseph Evans
or you can go to Google and you can Google Joseph Evans episode
or you can Google YouTube Joseph Evans and it should bring him right up
feel free to ask questions and anything you need on here as well it is very helpful
and there are tons of people who will gladly help you
I hope to get better at it so I may help you all too


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thanks I guess I’ll look into that

I have some links on my site that both you and other new authors might find helpful too:

Good luck with your writing btw!

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