New Writing Club Needed

Hello everyone. My name is kaila and I’m looking for very talented, committed and caring people. I’ve decided to create my own Writing club. But this is for everyone and anyone. In my writing club, we help each other create amazing stories. Like me for instance I’m making this story that has lots of work to be done to it. I’m willing to help out others if they will help me out.

Members: 10 and higher

If you code, do art scene, covers, overlays, what ever your are welcomed. Just put in the comments your NAME and EMAIL became more info will be in a google docs. Thank you


Hi! I can code and make art, I’d love to join :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Name: Jess
Email: can’t say lol

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Amazing I will send u the info to you

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Amazing I will send u the info

i sent it

i sent the info

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i sent u the stuff

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Wow ok I will send the stuff to you

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I would love to join this!!! Please let me join! I can create overlays, I can create custom beginning backgrounds for your storys, somewhat good at directing I Would think. I am alittle rusty but I can do bascially almost everything and such!! :smiley:

Jonathan and I Cant post my email on here, so just message me!


Posting email addresses on the open forum is a violation of Forum General Rules

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Thanks :slight_smile:

how do I get the info? I cant leave my email on here? :frowning:



I would like to join too!
My Instagram is @queens_episode
I think I’m a good writer in every genre except horror :sweat_smile:


I would like to join
My instagram is @Ceccilliaflowers
I think I am a good writer in romance

Done I did

I would love to be apart of the group! I am a writer and I suck at coding. Anyone that is willing to help PLEASE PLEASE I don’t fully understand all of it. I can contribute ideas!

HI! I’m average in coding and also an average writer. Well, most of my ideas are somewhat a bit different from many people and I tend to go deep in my stories… I’m currently working on a story about a superhero!
My instagram is @tranbaokhhanh