New Writing Club Needed


Amazing I will send u the info

i sent it

i sent the info

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i sent u the stuff

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Wow ok I will send the stuff to you

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I would love to join this!!! Please let me join! I can create overlays, I can create custom beginning backgrounds for your storys, somewhat good at directing I Would think. I am alittle rusty but I can do bascially almost everything and such!! :smiley:

Jonathan and I Cant post my email on here, so just message me!


Posting email addresses on the open forum is a violation of Forum General Rules

@djabriel.writes @Valeriya.B @episode.vogue @jonathansanford please edit your posts and remove your email addresses.

Thanks :slight_smile:

how do I get the info? I cant leave my email on here? :frowning:



I would like to join too!
My Instagram is @queens_episode
I think I’m a good writer in every genre except horror :sweat_smile:


I would like to join
My instagram is @Ceccilliaflowers
I think I am a good writer in romance

Done I did

I would love to be apart of the group! I am a writer and I suck at coding. Anyone that is willing to help PLEASE PLEASE I don’t fully understand all of it. I can contribute ideas!

HI! I’m average in coding and also an average writer. Well, most of my ideas are somewhat a bit different from many people and I tend to go deep in my stories… I’m currently working on a story about a superhero!
My instagram is @tranbaokhhanh

sure u have instagram