New Writing Group: Applications Open


Me and Anna (@oorgeloop) are looking for active members to join our writing group. At the moment, we have a few ideas for stories, but we haven’t begun writing chapters yet.

Of course, members will be able to put their own story ideas in, and when we vote on an idea, everyone is welcome to put in their own opinions.

Me and Anna are both friendly and awesomely weird. :grin: We don’t judge or bite in the slightest.

This will be a caring, hardworking and fun group. We only want our members to be ACTIVE.

Hope you join!

Sign ups:

Available roles:
Beta Reader
Social Media Expert
Story Planner
Character Designer

(Just to clear up any confusion, a Director only does zooms and all that stuff and a coder does the coding.  Also, a story planner only plans the basis of each chapter while the writer digs deeper and writes dialogue and ideas.)

You’re more than welcome to choose more than one role.

Thank you so much for reading this and for the people who filled out the form. We really appreciate it. :smile:


Hello! I’m pretty new on the directing side when creating stories but I would love to join!

I filled out the fourm btw…

Thanks so much! we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Great! @oorgeloop

Heyyy there! I submitted a form thing. How do I know if I’m a part of your group…?

I submitted a form, I hope I’m in!!

What is the name of the app/website that we would chat in?

Hi @LanoPiano! Thanks so much! Me and Anna will go through your form and either send you a message on the forums or discord. :grin:

Thank you @k6tty!

@jasmin2004 it’s called Discord. :+1:t3::smile:

Okay thanks! I will subit a form now. I hope I can be a part of your group! :smiley:

I submitted a form! Hope I can get in! :relaxed:

Ohhh ok! Thanks!

I filled the form :blush:

Filled one out! Hope I did that right, haha. :sweat_smile:

DONE :slight_smile:

Filled it out

YEEEE so many people

Filled out the form, pretty excitedddd

This topic is now closed, thanks everyone who filled in! :grin: