New Writing Group! Please Join! :)


Hey Episode peeps!! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to be people’s co-writers/helpers because i offered, but maybe i just make a writing group! Here are some google forms to complete (No personal info or social media required :slight_smile: )

1st Job: Idea Maker (Imagine ideas for new trending stories!)
(Click on the link to go to the google form)

2nd Job: Artist (Draw covers and backgrounds for the group)
REQUIRED: You have to love art! No experience in art required.
(Click on the link to access my google form)

3rd Job: Story Reviewer (Review the spelling mistakes and edit the story)
(click on link)

4th Job: Writer/Director WITH CLAIRE (FreakyEvilMargs)


Sorry if I haven’t responded quick enough, but the winner is Kacy. Thank you Ellabella2002 for trying, and you did great too. I recommend another job
such as story reviewer for Ellabella or you can join my writing partner circle.


[STORY REVIEWER RESULTS] thank you all contestants, but the winner is Alex. Thank you for applying.


[IDEA MAKER RESULTS] Cali is the winner. Thank you al contestants.




Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: