New Writing Group! (PLEASE JOIN)

I want to start a writing group. We would write stories together, with different roles. Here are the roles I’m Proposing

Outline Writer
Screenplay Writer
Story “Coder”
Beta Reader
Social Media

So if you want to do any if these roles please comment below. :point_down:t6: :point_down:t6: :point_down:t6: :point_down:t6: :point_down:t6:


I want to apply for outline writer and beta reader. My insta is @shona_episode.
I have done these things before and can help you out…

I would love to be beta reader! :slight_smile: I actually haven’t been ever any writing group but it would be fun ! :smile:

Cool I’ll message you on insta

Where do you want to meet?

I can do story coding and running the social media , currently dont have an episode instagram could you dm me?

id love to do social media… and id like more info about what exactly an outline writer does
pm me

What do you mean by that? Sorry I’m very tired atm :smile:

Hi I would love to do the artist. Like character and outfit designs. I’m really creative and love designing. Dm me if you want to chat more xx

Sure… Any time… DM me once you are free…

If you get in I will PM you!

Hi! I’m interested!!
These are the roles that i’m experienced in:
Outline Writer
Screenplay Writer
Story “Coder”
Beta Reader

Dm me pls to talk further.