New Writing Group! (Wanna Join?)

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Hey maybe you want to join my writing group!

I was planning on making my own writing group… but if it doesn’t go that well I’ll consider your group.

Oh ok

Its just since no one has answered you yet and we still need more members

Oh, um I’ll tell you if I want to soon.

Ty for understanding.

ok just let me know if you want to

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If you would like an art role just PM me.

i could help you, I’m in one group and work with someone else also on a story but i have room for 1 more. I’m really good at Screenplay writing, so it that position is still open, I’m happy to help

@Jeremy please close this i dont want to continue with this writing group.

Sorry, but I have cancelled the writing group, maybe in future I may make another?

No problem, ANd if you even need help with a story you work on alone, you can always ask me :slightly_smiling_face: