New Writing Group


I’m looking for ACTIVE members to join my writing group, While some writing groups only allow you to adapt a story that has been pre-made, we will make an awesome story from scratch.Members will be able to put their own story ideas in, and when we vote on an idea, everyone is welcome to put in their own opinions.
This will be an awesome, hardworking, caring, and fun group. The only requirement is to be ACTIVE.
I hope you’ll join!
Available roles:
Beta Reader
Social Media Expert
Story Planner
Character Designer
You can choose more than one role!


I can be the character designer since I have always been the artistic person on the group. But of course it doesn’t mean I’m always there are others too.
I can also give ideas for the story and write.
I can even try to make an cover art or art scenes since I’m kinda good at art in general.


Cool Thanks! I would love to hear you’re ideas! Make sure you fill out the form.


I filled it.




THIS looks like a great idea! I’d love to be writer and my pretty good at coding. You should be the director.
Author Claire


I filled it!! :slight_smile:




IM SO hyper


Hey I just filled the form and id love to have a go at this, I just have a question, how would this work like is it on Instagram or would we have a group chat somewhere :kissing_heart:


I filled it!

And does character design mean like drawing them? Because I thought it meant like designing them in the portal.


And what is the name of the team?



I filled it out!


Going to fill it


Filled it


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: