New Writing Group!

Gabi here! I am making a writing group and I hope you guys can join! It will be really fun and there is limited space so make sure you fill out the form right away! It is so simple. You guys will really enjoy it and we will make a lot of stories and have different tasks so make sure you come right away to fill out the form! Hope you guys join!


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Can I join?

Sure! Just fill out the form!

Where the form?

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Ok thanks

no problem!

Done! :slight_smile:


I really hope you can let me into your group even tho I’m young…I really hope that isn’t a deal breaker cause I have so many story ideas…



You can join you just have to fill out the form

It’s in one of my posts!

Everyone who has filled out the form is accepted in the group!


So today it is my sisters birthday so I may not be on but I will tomorrow!

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I submitted the form :slight_smile:


Hello my writing group people. So today we can start doing the writing group. Question do you want to chat on the thread or Discord?

On discord