New writing group ♡

I got my inspiration from other posts, but please no hate!
I am gonna create a writing group, since there are only few, but a lot of people wanting to join one!
There are gonna be some “jobs” splitted!

“Jobs” disponible
MANAGER=the one that handles social media, finds people to promote our stories and writing group(2 job avalaible)
DESIGNER=the one that designes the characters and decides their names, with suggestions from the others in the group(2 jobs avalaible)
CODER=the one that actually codes the story!(1 job)
WRITER=the one that comes with the idea of the main plot and details!(2 jobs avalaible)
ARTISTS=the ones that paints/draws the art in the story. Artists avalaible: ●cover
●art splashes
●art scenes from the
If you want any jobs, click the link and complete the formular for the job that you want!






You can choose more than one “job”, but you will only get chosen for one!

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With the characters, is there someone to make the clothes?

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I forgot to mention that is something that the designer also does♡

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Can I pls be a designer
I already submitted the little application thingy


No problem♡

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I will announce the places after I found all the people for the writing group♡

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Ok cool :slight_smile:


Is there still room for another designer?

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There is always room for more people!

My Instagram is @maria.santiago_episode.
Please contact me!

Will do!