New writing partner

I would like to see if anyone would like to be my writing partner/Coding partner. I can code pretty well but if i have a partner we could update faster and have a better style when your writing. Just reply if you would like to be my partner (;

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Moved to Find a Writing Partner. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

hii, i’m in the need of a partner desperately and I was wonder if you’d like to be partners

Do you have a instagram?


Are you still interested? Just to confirm, would we help each other or would it be one-sided?

help each other

Okay. Do you have instagram?

Yes! My instagram is episode.laniii

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I am making a group of writing team where we all write different stories. There will no coders, writing, video editor and so on, if you are interested, please PM me