New Writing Team! (CLOSED)

Hello all,

A lot of writing team sign-ups I saw were either closed, inactive, or well-established, so I decided to open a new one! I We could work on any genre, but I think working collaboratively for fantasy would be fun (but it’ll be whatever the majority agrees on). I’ve run successful writing groups before, and it’s always been enjoyable, so if you’re looking for an exciting project to take on, this writing team might just be for you!! I also haven’t done this kind of collaboration in a while, so I’m excited.

Here are the roles (click the role for detailed responsibilities):

Outline Writer (NOT AVAILABLE)

Brainstorming ideas, creative detailed outlines for the other writers, making sure the story is cohesive and has no plotholes, work with deadlines, and collaborating. Creative, clever, openminded, and thoroughly plan things.

Story Writer (Directing & Dialogue)

Writes the story on the Episode platform using the outline created. Can direct well, can follow a specific style and tone, and can write from different perspectives, work with deadlines, also open to feedback. If you want, you can also just pick to work on directing or dialogue if the other is not your comfort zone.

Editor/Beta Reading (NOT AVAILABLE)

Will review the entire story on the writing portal and via phone (or web previewer is okay) and fix any issues (technical) or pass it on to the writers to fix (story-wise). Good grammar, fluent at English, observant, has a decent grip on Episode’s code.


Create graphics such as covers, backgrounds, splashes, special art scene, social media, etc. Can work with deadlines while maintaining high quality, creative, is decently experienced with graphic design (preferably Photoshop so collaboration can work, but anything adequate is okay.)

Marketing Team/Social Media (NEEDED)

Social media work, hype the story, post updates, create a following, seek new ways to spread the story. Must be innovative, creative, and has a good sense of the team/story’s vision. Must either: have a good comprehension of Engilsh or decent grasp of graphic design (must be Photoshop).

Sorry if any of the above sounds too serious. It won’t be too serious, I promise! You can select more than one role and more than one person will work on each (depends on the sign-ups).

Answer these questions to sign up: (You can DM if you’d like)
Name (what you would like to be called)
Role(s) you want
What qualifications do you have (i.e. if you want to be a writer, maybe show stories you’ve written?, for artist, show artwork)
Age (don’t have to disclose, just confirm if you’re above 13)
Genre(s) Preference
Will you be committed?
Three words to describe you (for fun)
Once you’re accepted, I’ll privately message you where we can exchange information (such as emails).

Along with outlining and marketing (maybe artist, but only if there aren’t enough people), I’ll act as “producer,” but don’t be intimidated by that title, it’s just to oversee things to make sure everything is working out smoothly and different subgroups are working fluidly with each other (and because I love working out project logistics :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Some info I haven’t included yet:
Name: Nacht
Timezone: GMT+7
Age: above 13
Genre preference: Fantasy, mystery, thriller, some romance
Will I be committed? Absolutely!
Three words: creative, idealist, introverted

My current method of communication is Google hangouts (as it has direct access to things such as Google Drive where we would do the writing and keep all the files), but if you have another suggestion (aside from Instagram as I find it limited for collaborating thoroughly), let me know!

I hope this will be fun!


On these forums? (Pm someone , add others ,it’s like a group :thinking:)
I don’t think I am going to install Instagram😅
Hangout or forum?
Things I mentioned to forget :sweat:
I would love to , I always wanted to be in team🤗
Name : aya
What qualifications:
Outline writer , I have a story if you want to see some idea🤔
Timezone : India , 1.57pm now (lol, I don’t know what time zone it is in😅)
Age: 15 or 16 (I am not sure😅) but definitely above 13😂
Genre: sci-fi , short story and maybe​:sweat: can try others :thinking:
Will be committed : if I am not sleeping :sleepy:, sure
Three words: hungry , sleepy and always seeking for chatting :joy:

I actually have a writing group, if you are interested in joining.

Name GamrrGuy
Role(s) editor beta reading
What qualifications do you have Fantastical: Worlds Collide (not the best but only one I published, I promise I’m much better than that
Timezone/City England/GMT
Age over 13
Genre(s) Romance but like Fantasy as well :sunglasses:
Will you be committed? Totally
Three words to describe you (for fun)
Fun, Hard-working and Commited

@24aya @GamrrGuy You’ve been accepted! I’ll message you shortly.

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@24aya @GamrrGuy Can you guys message me instead? I’m a new user and I’ve reached my topic-creating limit for today. :roll_eyes:

And what should we message?:sweat_smile:

Your email so I can add you to the group! We’re going to talk on Google Hangouts, work on Google Drive. :slight_smile:

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Ay ay captain :wink:

Thanks, happy that we’re gonna be an amazing writing group!


Name Melis
Role(s) Story writer and Editor/Beta reading
What qualifications do you have I’m just starting out :slight_smile:
Timezone/City SAST
Age Over 13
Genre(s) Preference Drama, Fantasy
Will you be committed? YES
Three words to describe you Open Minded, Friendly, Relaxed

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Hey girl🤗thanks for applying

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@Melissa545 You’ve been accepted! I can’t send new topics, so could you privately message me your email address so I can add you to the group? Thanks.

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I messaged you :smile: @nachtmyth

Lol, I deleted that year ago😂

I could help!
My name is Jayda, I’m 16 years old, my preferred genre is Fantasy! It’s my speciality all of my stories are in this genre.
I’ve written four published stories. And have three currently unpublished. Stories I have written are The Three Realms, Mortality, The other side, and Fantastical: SHC. I’ve been with episodes since 2014 (a year after the app came out) and ever since been loving it :slight_smile:
I live in Toronto and I believe our time zone is GMT-5.
Three words that can describe me is outgoing (at times), committed and weird :wink:
For roles, I will probably be able to help out with many different aspects. I’m very experienced and have many great ideas. I’ll help wth whatever is possible!
Addition: As for committed, I’ll be as committed as possible as I am a full time student and also writing personal stories. :wink:

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Hey, @Jahstoriess you can help me… I am searching for a partner too…

Oh hey Shona :joy: and what ya mean