New Writing Team! (CLOSED)


I mean… I am looking for a co writing partner(s) who will help me with ideas and coding and all… I have a story that I want to work on…


Hey girl , still want to be in group?:hugs:
Ohh…I am aya :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Hey Jayda, you’ve been accepted! I’ll message you shortly.




Hmm, this is a thread for a group is that what you’re looking for?


i am not looking for group.


Hello, could you please avoid discussing your co-writer finding to keep this thread relevant to the main topic and take it to privately messaging? Thank you! :smiley:


of course, sorry.


One last bump, final call and then we’ll be closing this! :slight_smile:


Is this still open?




@nachtmyth How much time do you think this commitment will take?


Depends on your role? There’s no set number, just think about something reasonable so you can contribute your part. Maybe a good rule of thumb would be being active a few times a week, but really, whenever your role calls for it.


Im great at making backgrounds and overlays if anyone needs help with that :grin:


Hi there. If you would like the sign-up for a role in our team, please fill out the form accordingly. Thank you. :slight_smile:


We are no longer looking for more members. If you still happen to be interested, you can contact me personally and we can discuss. xx


Name: Panda (I’m not allowed to share my name online.)
Role: Story Writer
Qualifications: I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m bragging, but I have been writing since I was three (even though my “books” were absolute garbage) and am in Honors English.
Age: N/A
Genre Preference: Personally, I prefer fantasy, but I can work with almost anything.
Commitment Level: I will put my all into it and hopefully let you know if I am going on any vacations.
3 Words: N/A