New year, new goals!

Hello lovely people !! :blob_hearts:

2020 is coming to an end, and I want to know everyone’s goals for the year of 2021!

  • Do you have a new story coming up?
  • Any other big projects?
  • Collabs, commissions, etc… what are you looking forward to?

Feel free to share all your thoughts, goals, future schedules, etc!

I want to know everything and help support you and your goals! :heart:


Yes I have!! That’s one of my goas!! actually publishing a story this time :joy: :blush:

I actually have another story idea, but I’m not sure if I want it to become an Episode story, I’m thinking of writing a book (that’s going to be reaally hard but I can atleast try :woman_shrugging: :joy:)

I want to work together with some people on the art aspect of my story, and also improve my own editing and maybe even drawing skills!!

I hope we can all atleast reach on of our goals next year :)!!

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  • Do you have a new story coming up?

Yes I do hopefully coming out next year after Breaking Boundaries :sweat_smile: I’m taking my time on planning it more but I have the idea.

  • Any other big projects?

I have a few projects coming up within the year or 2.

  • Collabs, commissions, etc… what are you looking forward to?

A new cover coming soon hopefully yeah I definitely be interested in doing an collaboration

Yes I do, I just started working on it:)

Mmmh, well I joined a lot of outline contests, I hope I can improve my art!

Hopefully when I fully learn how to skin shade and color in hair my art willl improve, I’m looking forward to opening my art shop and hopefully get a lot of requests!