New Year's Eve Forums Party

Hey Everyone :grin:

I was bored, and because of Covid there aren’t any New Year’s Eve parties to attend so I decided to make one, I’ve read a lot of good stories, learned some stuff, started coding and writing stories and a whole lot of other things in 2020, here are a few messages to read going into the new year:

“Even though 2020 has been a rocky year, what with all that’s going in the world, there have been really good moments that I wouldn’t exchange for anything such as the Secret Santa thread, which was an amazing opportunity for people to come together and give each other gifts, leaving a smile on each other’s faces. This year has allowed us to spend more time online and connect virtually. We’ve all made new friends, had new experiences and learned new things. Some of us will go on to write stories, others will go on to make edits, or some will do both. Or perhaps find a different calling. Or we have already found an activity we like engaging in and we’re good at it. Regardless of the role we choose to take on, we’ll all find our place in the Episode community, discover what our favorite leisure hobbies are, and make 2021 our best year yet. Happy New Year to Everyone on the Forums!” - @JemU776 :champagne: :happy_new_year:

"2020 put many things to test, relationships, our mental health, our ability to adapt under pressure.
I have seen most of my friends in this community leave too, not only them but also people who brought up interesting discussion posts.
I saw people stepping up, having the same objectives, but performing them differently, some discussion topics are starting to return.
Members went out of their way to make new members feel welcomed, opened to make new friends.
I found a safe place which is also my favourite thread, besides my PMs lol, Thick as Thieves Fan Club, all the members are amazing and funny in their way.
This year had twists and turns, and everyone should be proud because, in one way or another, we made the most of it for ourselves.
Stay safe, everyone!
Happy New Year!!!

This year was like a roller coaster ride, it had it’s ups and downs and of course the unexpected twists and turns, but even though it wasn’t all good, it wasn’t all bad either, I’m sure everyone found a way to keep from being bored whether it was writing episode stories, or looking on the forums, maybe it was reading episode stories, one thing I enjoyed in particular was the Secret Santa Thread, and A Fashion Game thread I was in, either way there’s always something good where there’s something bad.
I hope everyone has a great New Year

~ @april_episode

I know that 2020 probably wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t all bad, so say something that was good that happened this year, maybe you wrote a hit story, or learned to cook/bake, or wrote a song, or learned how to do digital art, maybe you opened commissions or a new art shop, or anything else good that happened
Also any resolutions that you may have, also any well wishes for 2021 to other forum users, and just for fun, maybe you can also say your favorite artist, author and story from this year, and tag anyone who may be interested

Also don’t forget to say Happy New Year at Midnight! :wink:


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Happy New Year Everyone!!!
~ @april_episode


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