New York City Backgrounds

i need sky view day and night of new york city

Like this?

perfect :smiley:

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Thank you , what’s your @ so i can credit you.

I just found these images on a website which offers public domain images.

whats the website?

Actually I don’t know, it’s been a while since I found these pictures and I use nine different websites…

Oh alright thank you !!

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i swear everytime i try to find a website with free images to use i have to pay for the photos

Here are some:


hi i love these any chance i can use these and credit you ?

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Like I already said in the older replies, these images does not belong to be, I found them on public-domain websites.
So you can use them, but you don’t credit me or someone else.

ok thank you, sorry im new to it all so still trying to figure it all out haha.

Hey! These backgrounds are from Pixelberry Choices app, and though they may not get rejected by Episode, use of them is a violation of copyright.

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how? isn’t that a public domain with free images

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They’re not from a free domain website! They belong to Pixelbrerry, so it’s best to not use them :sneezing_face: