New Zealand Terrorism attack

I’m completely in shock, tears, anger, hatred. New Zealand has recently had a huge attack in CC-Christchurch. A Terrorism attack pointed at muslims. Around 50 dead. My whole town was in lock down. 4 hours locked up after school hours. Everyone! No matter where was in lockdown. I’m completely in shock and don’t have words to explain. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
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Just found out about it. Sad. :pensive: May they rest in peace. :pray:t5:


I just found out about this from this post but may they Rest In Peace. My love goes out to all of the victims and their families


Just got the news…

It’s horrible how people kill others out of hatred. Why is there so much hate in this world?


I agree.


Absolutely devastating the attack glad your safe must of been absolutely terrifying.


And where’s the U.N.?

This is so heartbreaking. I’m sending my prayers to anyone affected, their families, and all of New Zealand. :heart:


Terrorism has been upscaled through social media, and in such a small (and what I thought safe) place. This is absolutely tragic. We, New Zealanders, have always laughed at our news because of stories like penguins stranding (Happy Feet) and MPs being hit with dildos! BUT now we get this horrendous adversity. … Despite living on the other side of the world, waking up this morning to find out your home (birthplace) had been harmed is heartbreaking.

I’m sending all my love to my fellow New Zealanders, as well as sympathy and kind thoughts to all those who were affected by this nightmare. :heart::heart::heart: :love_letter::love_letter::love_letter: :heart::heart::heart:





they freaking dare to take away people’s lives, families’ JOY AND TREASURE, friends’ only COMFORT. they dare to steal their education, their happiness, their lives. They dare to kill a human. A living, breathing thing that can feel confused, frightened, happy, joyful, depressed, free. That can jump and leap and twirl and hop and fall and trip and fly. All because of one thing. Their religion. I just don’t understand why one would even want to do that. I just can’t.

I’m not sad anymore. I’m mad. To the people whose lives have been lost, please rest in utmost peace and may your bodies be kept safe. To the families who suffered loss, the hole in your hearts may never heal, but you are strong enough to overcome this obstacle. May you fulfil your life.


It’s interesting, the mentality of these monsters.
Perhaps I could research about them in Psych next year…

Very unfortunate to see, though. Someone shouldn’t have to die for another person’s beliefs.


It has broken my heart that this happened here in New Zealand. In a country where many come to because of our religious freedom. All my thoughts, prayers and love go out to anyone that’s been affected by this event. However, I am so grateful that a lot kiwi’s have come together to condemn this attack. I am proud we can all address this for what it is, a terrorist attack that has ruined and taken innocent lives. It is key we do not mention the terrorist’s name and not give them the glory and fame they want. Right now we should all be supporting those harmed from this truly tragic and devastating event.



It’s so sad that we have cruel people like that in our world :pensive:. God bless their families may they rest in peace :disappointed:


It’s terrible isn’t it. How someone can hate a another human being by their race and skin colour. The men weren’t going to actually shoot Up Christchurch but they then changed it to CC so everyone knew nowhere in the world is safe now.


My school always do a one minute silence for situations like this - except whenever the victims are Muslim.

Guess what? They didn’t do a one minute silence - it’s always the same thing - they come out saying that the shooter (i don’t know if they were white) has some kind of mental illness or is crazy, but then when it’s a terrorist who is muslim, they blame 1.6 billion other muslims.


Wow. The horribly wrong. A lot of people believe he’s Christian and are saying things like “stop Christian Terrorism attacks.” But the thing is I’m Christian but love all cultures and skin colours. The world is going all different ways and I don’t want to raise another generation in this type of world. How can someone have the guts to kill another human being because of their race.


Yes, that’s exactly it. Also, why blame a whole community, a whole religion, from the acts of a group of evil, awful humans? I just don’t understand. Can’t everyone live in peace? Why do people feel the need to kill others of their own kind?

I don’t know if you know, but I think the forums are banning any topics that include sensitive subjects and this links with religion which is one of them. I’m not sure if they’ll close this since it’s giving respect to those 49 people who died and 20 who were injured, but ahh idk. Just a heads up if this topic does get closed :slight_smile:


I didn’t even know this happened until I got to school and one of my friend was talking to another friend and I heard than I got home and my dad was sitting on the couch watching CNN.

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What what has made me sick to my core are the low life’s that condone this attack.


This villainous act of hate is unjust and cruel and not welcome here in New Zealand. Christchurch, our thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m sorry to everyone hurting. Everyone collectively feels sadness and despair with you. I’m sorry to those murdered. I’m sorry to my uncle’s co-worker and friend who lost his life. I’m sorry to the young children who didn’t get a chance to live. I’m sorry to the sons and daughters who were lost. I’m sorry to the families. This isn’t New Zealand. This isn’t right. I pray for all those fighting for their life in hospital, no more lives need to be lost. Be safe. Be well. We stand with you.