Newbie Episode Writer ✍🏽

Hello Episodians :heart:,

My name is Chiara-Rosé, 23 years old and based in Amsterdam🇳🇱
I’m a newbie Episode writer. And i would really appreciate all the help from the community.

I just found out how much work and dedication you must invest in your stories and i have to say I RESPECT each and everyone of you as a Episode writer. It’s allot of work which will eventually turn out in something beautiful.

So if you want to share you Tips or Tricks

I would really appreciate it❤️

Thank you in advance

Love :two_hearts:



Hi. :smiley: and welcome.

For start I would recomnt to go throug the tutoril which re inside the writers portal.

also youtoobe hs a lot of usefull videotutorials - espeicaly the one of joseph evans.

For start ou need to lern

  1. how to place background
  2. simple directing how to exit and enter chracter
  3. how to make character speak
  4. how to make character do animation.

After this will become clear to you go deeper to more advanced stuff to not get overwhelmed too much. :slight_smile:
Aso ask qurestions on the forum usualy is a big and the quickes way how to solve a problem. :slight_smile:

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I also recommend Joseph Evans he is brilliant!!
I learned most of what I know from him. I’v just started my first story and I really recommend creating a story and calling it something like “test” or something similar and using it to just experiment and try out with coding. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help on here Xx

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Like @Emmzy said you should watch Joseph Evans because he is the one that helped me and I learned the basics from there
You should also watch episode notes on YouTube as she also makes quick 2-3 minute videos and it also has the basics


Thank you😁 @Writer_SA

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Thank you :blush:

Thank you for all the videos they are very helpful :grin:

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