Newbie here! 😜 Looking for feedback good or bad! Happy to help others in return! ⭐️

Hi Guys, I would love some feedback on my first story! :smiley: I am new to all this and would appreciate any help! I have found the coding pretty tricky :rofl: Happy to do these R4Rs that I keep seeing on here!

My story is called Behind Silver Eyes:

“A father believed to be dead… A mother on the run… Sophia thought she led a normal life until all the secrets began to unfold. What lies behind silver eyes!!!”

Please message me if you can help or if I can help you too! :yum: (NEW LINK! There is now 10 episodes!)

:warning:NEW STORY ALERT!!! :warning:

Bad Best Man :bride_with_veil:
‘Jenna has been alone her whole life until she meets Will… She thinks he is the perfect man… Until his best man comes on the scene and turns their world upside down!’

Danni :kiss:

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Hi! I’d totally love to read your story. If you’re up for r4r, I’ll PM you the deets :smile:

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Yes please :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: x

I will give you feedback after reading! Do you want to do a r4r?

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Hi :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: R4R sounds good thank you! How many episodes is your story? X

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just three chapters. DO you have instagram, I can send it through there if not I’ll pm you.

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I don’t so please pm me :grin: thank you xx

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