Newbie Looking for Co-Author/Writer

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to create and publish my very FIRST episode story! I know nothing about the process so I am looking for someone or a few people to co-author the story with me. I already have a few ideas for stories, but we could share our ideas and code together!

Please message me if your interested! All help is welcomed! Thanks in Advance! Also if you want to share advice and tips for writing your first story that would be great as well!


Hey! I am very interested but what type of stories are you interested in writing.

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I would love to join you to create and publish your first episode!

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Hi,I’m nayeli.Im 15 and have some ideas for writing a story but I’m new to writing so I could use some help at this while writing process thing.I would like to get to work with someone to make the story better, because I have no clue about what I’m doing.Please dm me if you consider at my Instagram @yaagirlnayeli .Hope you consider and thank you for reading this,I really look forward to creating an amazing story with you if you decide on working together.

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Awesome! I’m interested in writing Romance and Action/Adventure or Thrillers. Let me know if you’re still interested!

Oh! I’m interested!

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Awesome! I would love to collab on a story with you. I have a few story ideas do you have any? Also, do you know of an easier way for us to co-plan?

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I am currently writing a story! And if you have insta, you can add me and we can co-plan on there. My insta is @tropical.hurricane.episode