Newbie, looking for feedback to my story

Hey community people :wave:
I am new in the episode community. I would love some feedback on my first story by you people. I will appreciate every feedback and review. As I am newbie I can improve by your reviews.

Here is the story to my link

The story name is : UNEXPECTED PLEASURE.

Story Description: First day in new college. What happens when you encounter with Hot, Smoking and Handsome literature professor of yours? Will sparks fly or the hate and love story began?

Please msg me tell me about it. I would love reading your views. You can DM me through instagram also @epi_praxie

Thank you :heart:

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First, off the bat, when referring to your character within the story make sure to capitalise the first letter of their first and last name. Grammar is key to making a story seem well-done!
Also, the MC is so adorable, love the way you made the characters. :heart:

Second, when the male character enters make sure to set it out like this in the script:
@CHARACTER enters from X to X AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral
You can use any running or walking animation in place of walk_neutral.
If you don’t set it out like this, they might slide in instead which does look quite odd!

Overall, my main concern with this story is that your English is (although extremely impressive because I know learning a language can be difficult) not as good as it could be if you had an English proofreader. The story itself has a solid plot, one which I’d definitely read but it can become hard to follow at times! I suggest looking for a proofreader, I also suggest using spots instead of positions like screen center (for example).
Here’s a tutorial on that:

Hopefully, I don’t come off too harsh, but I wish you well in your Episode journey. :pleading_face:

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No It’s not harsh I love your review and actually you helped me this
@CHARACTER enters from X to X AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral
I am thinking about this a lot that how can my character enters looking angry
Thank you so much :heart:

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No problem! I’m glad it helped.

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