Newbie needs help

I really want to make a story on episode but even the simplest thigs in my script gets a error.
So when i go to the guide and try that it doesn’t help.
I am really motivated and got a lot of inspiration but English isn’t my first language so sometimes I don’t even understand the guide. Is there somebody that can give me in a really really simple way some script and directing help I would be so thankfull!


There are bunch of coeds, what do you need help with?

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I can help you! Believe me I was in your place a year ago, now everything seems easy! What style are you writing in?

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All the important links here :slight_smile:


Ink Style, I already have my main characters + outfits done and now I just wanna start haha…

Thank you! :smiley: :kissing_heart:

Just the most important directing and script things for now

I will PM you, because we’re looking for someone just starting :slight_smile:

I’m gonna write a few basics, (even though I don’t know if you need to learn them)
Suppose your story has three characters namely @ELSA @JACK @BRIANNA. Let us understand this using a short story!

#Elsa is having bad news, Jack and Brianna are the first ones to get it!
@ELSA enters from left to screen left
#Suppose you want to make Elsa enter while Jack and Brianna are already standing AND talking. THEN use:
@JACK stands screen center AND JACK faces right AND BRIANNA stands screen right and BRIANNA faces left
@BRIANNA is laugh_chuckle AND JACK is nod_loop
#By the time Elsa reaches, Jack and Brianna are already in different zones doing their own thing.
@JACK stands screen center in zone 2 AND JACK faces right AND BRIANNA stands screen center in zone 3 and BRIANNA faces left
#Elsa wants her best friend to know what she has to say. She approaches Brianna who is standing in zone 3, screen right
@ELSA walks to screen center in zone 3
#Suppose Elsa has a really bad news and is in a hurry to give it to Brianna, and she is practically running all the way. Then-
@ELSA walks to screen center in zone 3 AND ELSA does it while run_atheletic
#Cool, right? Suppose Elsa is tired after running such a long distance. You want her to take a deepbreath as soon as she approaches Brianna.
@ELSA walks to screen center in zone 3 AND ELSA does it while run_atheletic THEN ELSA is deepbreath
#Elsa now gave Brianna the bad news, now she wants to approach Jack to do the same. She’s super tired and is walking like a tortoise. This is when you use timed walking, make her approach Jack slowly, who’s standing in zone 2, screen center
@ELSA walks to screen right in zone 2 in 6.0 THEN ELSA faces left
#remember, 6.0 is seconds!
#Jack, who’s now Elsa’s boyfriend wants to kiss her. Wow! No problem! Let’s do it.
JACK (talk_sad)
Aw, babe. Just kiss me.
@ELSA is nod_loop AND JACK is idle_happy
@ELSA moves to layer 1 AND JACK moves to layer 0
@ELSA walks to spot X Y in 2.0
@ELSA faces right AND JACK faces right
@ELSA starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND JACK starts kiss_passionate_loop
#Remember that you can find out the spot by using the preview option. There is Directing Helper in it under which you have spot helper. Use switch tool to change spots and sizes (heights) of characters. :slight_smile: Also, you have to make the characters face the same direction while kissing and hugging, otherwise it won’t work.
#Layering: In this scene, we wanted to make it look like Elsa is in front of Jack and she is kissing him. To do that, we actually HAD to bring her in front of Jack. To do that, use layering. To make her appear in front of Jack, you have to place Jack on a lower layer. In the above example, we placed Jack on layer 0 and Elsa on layer 1 which makes Jack appear behind Elsa.
So these are some basics, uh I spent a lot of time, I wish you good luck, writer :smile:

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: