Newbie question about author name on Episode app

so i’ve changed my title/name/whatever on the episode app like 4 times before i was happy with it. when i changed it the 3rd time, i began coding a story and it was under the 3rd name. im still coding this story and i changed my name a 4th time a few days ago. but when i go to preview the story in the app, it still says the author is still the third name, and not my current name.

when i go to publish my story, will it say it’s by my current name? or will it forever stay the old name bc i started writing the story before i changed it? im just asking bc i dont want confusion if my cover says “by Mars X.” but it says the author is a different name :confused:

I think you have to edit your name on the Writer’s Portal too at “More Options”, for each story you publish. This is where you can add the story description, the author bio and search keywords. I hope this solves the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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such a simple fix lol. it worked, thank you!

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