Newbie -walk talk tekst same time- overlay motion

Hi there all!

Sorry for posting it is probably an common thing that has been asked but i have been searching for hours right now and cant find an answer that i can work with. not even well explained on youtube videos so far what i have seen.

i got my charakter to move for the one zone to the other and is walking and talking but the tekst what she is saying comes after she arrived in that zone. and i want that to show while she is walking is that possible even tho?

im using limelight.

another thing i was wondering

i have an forrest dark BG… and i add the EFFECT SMOKE…

now i thought yea sure thats cool! but it would be even better if the smoke had motion. so is that possible to do? and how do i do that?

so if i go like this then i want to add some sound animation on top of that as well.

so how do i add that in the forrest BG?

sorry lot of question i know. if some one wants to help me thanks you very very much!

i want to make this very cool and i wanna know everything how it works.

this is my first day starting this so i dont know yet al the script codes yet…

havent fond that yet also… if thats on the forum let me know!

Thanks for taking time for me

Lots of Loves Sunny


Not sure what your coding looks like, but I did this to make it work for me:

&pan to zone 3 in 4
&CHARACTER walks to screen center in zone 3 in 4 AND CHARACTER does it while walk_talk_animation
Blah blah blah

Answer to keeping the smoke in motion

Dara has a great guide on overlays, here’s a part on how you can keep your overlay constantly moving, though you will probably want to check out the whole guide to help you.


Sounds and music

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for the looping overlay i get an error

“time can only be specified once for each action” no idea what that means…

also dont know what means by add the loop at the end of the line what line ? in the script? where in the script? yes i get the THEN part haha… no ideaa where to put the hole line tho!

then the walk talk thing…

the tekst shows ups this time only she is not walking but kinda floating like a ghost through the zones hahaha…

Can you copy paste or screen shot your script so I can see what you mean for the looping overlay?

For the walking/talking, what talk animation have you used?

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(| animation:shuffle-sideways , color:blue , |Episode 1 - Peter The Pretty Girl)
Episode 1 - Peter The Pretty Girl
It sucks to be Peter.


@NYNJA enters from left to screen center

@pan to zone 3

@pause for a beat

@pan to zone 1

&pan to zone 2 in 3
&NYNJA walks to screen center in zone 2 in 3 AND NYNJA is walk_talk_happy_loop
NYNJA (talk_greet_neutral)
Hi, There! I’m Nynja and i am telling this story.
NYNJA (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
This Story is about my friends who i wanna mess around with.
Just for fun…
So Peter if you ever gonna see this well…
NYNJA (talk_armsraised_neutral)
I am just messing with you!
Your an sweetheart!

this is my script i didnt do a lot yet tho

Take away the (talk_greet_neutral) and then Nynja will say her line while walking

also i want the NYNJA enter walks in and talk and tekst shows up…

but if i do

@NYNJA enters from left to screen center in zone 2 in 3 i get an error… and i tryed multiple other way but dont seem to get the right coding i guess haha

ow after the BK it was


i forget sorry haha

Hii, goodluck with your story I know this is a small mistake and maybe english isn’t your first language which get but just wanna telll you,

“I am just messing with you!
You’re a sweetheart!”

That’s the real way to do, just a small correction can do a lot


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hi, yea also true but i also write things exactly like you say it or in short it like you do in whatsapp for example… im from the netherlands so yea english is not my first language haha… but i manage something i have trouble with some words that i do know how they sound like but really know idea how to write haha… or really dont come up with the word but always find a way around to tell it differently haha…

with the script i just have to learn the coding… and i will for sure i have patience…

thanks a lot anyways tho


You’re Welcome!

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Are you having her enter into zone 1 and want her to walk to a position in zone 2? What does the error say?

So have you placed the smoke where you want it? You want to send the coding you used for that?

Are you having her enter into zone 1 and want her to walk to a position in zone 2? What does the error say?

ooow uuhm no i just say enter from left not even say enter into zone 1… so i can try that out…

So have you placed the smoke where you want it? You want to send the coding you used for that?

well what i come a cross about overlay so far is that you place that after BG


and thats how i want this effect to be also

i want the smoke effect be there while i use that BG

This was how I used the smoke in one of my own scripts:

&overlay EFFECT SMOKE shifts to -1191 15 in 6.5 THEN overlay EFFECT SMOKE shifts to -501 27 in 6.5 loop INFINITE times

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean with the entering to a spot error you’re getting

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i get the error

use @CHARAKTER enters from x to screen y

aah thanks i will try that one out

this works perfectly thank you soooo much! this is awesome! i have no idea what those numbers mean tho hahaha…

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The numbers are their “spot placements”

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I finally got it it all! haha…:grin::heart_eyes:

the overlay what you had… with the looping to zone 3 part of the overlay wasnt there… so i spend i donno how long to fix it… and it was pretty simple tho:roll_eyes:

it was just 0 0 in 2 and fits perfectly haha…

also fixed the walk and talk thing…

and add the music…

so i am very thankfull for all your help! i have learned a lot in one night!



Yay! Congrats

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