Newbies gather! Collab for all Experienced and non-experienced writers and directors and artists and everyone is welcome

So as someone that’s been doing this for… A LONG TIME. I know alot about teaching new writers to direct at least to a level where they can write a basic story without any help. I don’t really write anymore I just mess around with script to make some new minigames and such and learning how to do more advanced directing techniques. So I had an idea. I’d like to start a huge collab to write short stories. Only 1-3 episode(s) long.

How would this work exactly?

Well I’d need experienced writers and directors and newbies who don’t know much but would like to learn how to do any and all episode stuff. You’d be partnered up or put into smaller groups to work together to make 1-3 short episodes together. You’d be given a deadline and hopefully the newer writers will learn from the experienced ones so they could go off and confidently write their own story instead of trying to figure it out and get frustrated. The thing about new writers is they have amazing ideas and a lot of inspiration which is drained when you have to learn for so long. This uhm episode boot camp I guess could teach them a lot so they could write amazing stories.

What could you write about? Why do I want to do this?

There’s lots of ideas you could use to write a short story from ghost stories to dreams to short horrors or romances. The reason I want to do short stories though is that I believe when new writers are faced with having to write 1200 lines, well they often write pretty bad stories just to fill up the space. This way they can learn advanced directing techniques and write a really good short story which will teach them more than writing 1200 lines would.
Even if they didn’t want to learn directing or writing but are new at edits maybe then they could work with a more experienced artist to make a cover for the short stories people write.
This isn’t just for writing either, if you love roleplays and wanted to start one you could be partnered up with someone who’s ran one before and make one together here on the forum.
So… If you do want to sign up… Just fill out this sign up thing!
Level of experience 1-10 (10 being the most experienced)
What can you teach? / What do you want to learn?
Is there someone you’d like to work with specifically?Like you and a friend are both new and would like to learn together?
Where’s the best place to reach you?Instagram, hangouts, discord, forum etc… Please leave your username or PM me your username

  1. I am experinced in writing at level 8. and in coding 3.
  2. I can teach how to write a nice story line or description. and also, how to come up with idea…
    I would like to learn coding. desperatly.
  3. no, nothing in perticular. Just someone who can help me and teach me code.
  4. My insta id is @shona_episode. Hangout and email-
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Great! I’ll contact you as soon as I find someone suitable for you to partner up with.

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  1. Level 5 for coding and level 9 for writing
  2. I can teach how to plan out the story and get ready for coding properly I need to learn how to fill up the lines for a good use.
  3. Pm me.

Okay! I’ll let you know when I find someone who matches you :slight_smile: I need some directors sooo it may be a little while but I’ll contact you asap

Hey! Do you guys have any tips to plan out stories because I am a new writer and have a great story but i dont know how to plan and keep it organized…

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Hey! So on this thread what we do is match you to someone who can help you write a short story however I recently decided to start matching up partners based on problems so you can support eachother while writing your stories. I think I know a couple people that can help you :blush: I’ll pm you the details

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Hi, I need a writer to help me produce a story, I’m not a experienced person on Episode… I’m awful at coding and editing, but I’m quite good at writing plots. I just really need help with the difficult stuff, I’m willing to be mentored and helped with the process. I’m able to join calls, and such to get this story out. :slight_smile:

Okay, no problemo! So far people have usually said they need a specific person but I think for you it would be best to have someone a bit more rounded or possibly someone who’s good at planning and someone who’s good at directing. I think I have something that will work for you let me message some people and I’ll PM you with your new partner(s) who will be there to support you and help you produce your story :blush: