Neww writingg groupp!


HEY! Milan here. i would like to start a writing group for an idea i have created. i tryed to start writing the story myself but found im not that great at writing episodes:sob: oh well! that is why im know looking for a group to help me:grin:.

the roles i am looking for:

Idea developers
Proof Readers
Beta Readers

I don’t know if i have missed anything but if i have please let me know

if you would like to apply please leave your reasons why down in the comments and instagram username and age plus what role you would like to apply for


i wanna join!


Why;Cause I really Want To DO Art And In Need Of Idea
Insta Gram:@BossyRoxy.Episode


I’ll be an artist and idea developer!

Here’s the link to my art thread if you want to see some of my examples!

link to my art thread….

Name: Meadow
Age: 13
Reason why I want to join: writing groups are so fun and motivate you to write stories coz u get help and ur not doing everything urself ! :see_no_evil:


Why:Writing groups are amazing and super motivational
Role:Artist and idea developer