Next contest theories

I think the next contest will be announced on Monday (don’t quote me on it :joy: ) but I want to know what you guys think it will be about :thinking:


Horror or Thriller surely, right? It would be just in time for Halloween then :laughing:


Yess. I think horror because we haven’t had many horror contests and a lot of vampire stuff has been released.



A thriller/horror theme makes sense with the timing. My only hope that it doesn’t require us to write about vampires. I know they’ve been all about the Bloodlust assets recently, but Episode already has so many vampire stories. I’d like them to encourage us to try to be legitimately scary and less about paranormal romance.


I’m hoping it’s the halloween themed contest, and that it’s in thriller!

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I’m hoping for a drama tbh :no_mouth:

I really hope that it’s a Halloween contest! (However, that might start next month.) Because I really want to write a Halloween story with my sister. :slight_smile:

i was just thinking about this! im eager for them to announce the new contest bc im actually on time for this one and right now seems like around the time they’ll announce a new one, im pumped!

like others have said its probably something related to halloween. i have a story idea in mind that could work with that. but i hope its not restricted to horror bc writing horror isnt my cup of tea and is more limiting than say thriller or drama. maybe it will be “warewolves vs vampires” or something to do with vampires but i hope it isnt that restrictive.

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The next contest should be October’s and the last 3 October contests have been Halloween related so that’s definitely my guess lol.


Related to Halloween, I hope. Something tells me that it might be an all-genre contest since they didn’t have a lot of it this year… I reaaaaally don’t want that to happen.


Samee. There are too many pregnant by vampire stories so if they force us to write about it :weary:. I think the theme will be horror which will be interesting bc I dont see many of those stories tbf.


Same! Since I have an idea about the date I might actually be on time…

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Halloween themed makes sense. But I hope it would be an interesting angle like Hidden Demons or something that centred on lesser known monsters

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