Next contest theories? 🤔

Hm…how about a contest that focus on trips that ended bad. :thinking::scream::flushed:


I do hope the next prompt is something that works with all the vaporwave/synthwave pictures I definitely don’t have open in a separate window.

Guess I found my aesthetic.

Yeah I feel like a prompt to do with holidays/trips would be quite fun, not sure if they’ve had anything like that before?

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Same. I wonder too :thinking:

I would be interested in a prompt like travelling to different time or world.


I don’t know but I hope they announce it soon! A few years ago they announced contests a week before the current one ended. Guess they changed that):

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Ooh, I would definitely love that! So many ideas and it would be really fun to read those stories too!

Yeahhh I sure do miss those days, hope it gets announced soon! I think the last one (heroic) was announced quite a bit of time after the previous deadline :((


something mystery/thriller related would be cool, as a lot of their contests seem to be geared towards the romance genre. just anything unique would be nice, the heroic contest idea seemed a little uninspired imo

whatever it is, i hope it gets announced soon! :crossed_fingers: