Next Episode Update?

Do you know how often Episode releases an update?
Or do you know when will the next update will be fully released?
I have a problem about my account so it effects the app too.
And I may have done something I shouldn’t have done before I learned it would cause problem.
And now I have to wait for next update.

Are you taking about the app or the Writer’s Portal update?

Writer’s portal (Clothing, Animations, Backgrounds, Overlays, Props etc…) update every Thursday unless there’s some sort of issue/delay (:

It sound more like something you should solve via ticket to episode

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You want to contact the team on these things but I updated mine today since it said I had to in the play store. If you have the problem with opening the app they have a “solution” in the description of the app. And I say probably every month or so.



I’m adding the photo of the problem too

I would if Episode was opening.
But if it was opening there won’t be any problem.

Send a ticket tomorrow, I don’t think they are working today.
It being Sunday and Easter.

you can send the ticket via the zendesk.

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I need user ID for it and it’s written on the app but it is not opening

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