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Next Top Model

In ‘Next Top Model’, aspiring models compete for a prize package that includes a contract with YAH Models and $100,000 cash! The competitors will be judged by a panel that includes Fleur Geuci, the previous winner of ‘Next Top Model’ and a well-known model internationally. Famous fashion designer, Dante Rodriguez, and also by the eliminated competitors. So be sure to have a good relationship with all the competitors! In special occasions, if the judges are to eliminate two competitors, they are allowed to bring back a eliminated competitor they think is worthy. You know what they say; "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

woohooo! in this SG, your characters will be joining this show for whatever reason they have. for each challenge, you will be judged based on how well you did, how you did it and how you looked. most of the challenges will require your character to model so basically you’ll just have to find a picture of what your character (kinda) did. example, the challenge is for your character to model under the water. so i would basically find a picture of someone (doesn’t have to be your character) modeling under the water. however you’d have to explain how your character did it. do tell me if you have any questions below! :blush::heartpulse:


  • please try to be active in answering questions in this SG! you will have a deadline on what you have to answer/do, i will state it when writing the storyline. :hugs::dizzy:
  • do bare with me, my english is not super duper good so i’d rarely use ‘fancy’ words. :joy:
  • be super descriptive when answering the questions. this will help me to portray your character accurately. do tell me if i misinterpreted your character. :rofl:

Next Top Model RULES

  • you are allowed to have allies but do note that there will only be one winner.
  • relationships between competitors and judges are allowed but the it should not come to the point where the judges are bias towards you.
  • you cannot copy your other competitors. if this happens, tell one of the judges. however, they cannot help you if you have no witnesses or evidence.
  • you are not allowed to have sexual intercourse in this show.
  • bribing is not allowed. if caught, you will be eliminated immediately.

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faceclaims! (coming soon!)

when signing up, you’ll have to make one male and one female!
hope you guys will join! :hugs::heartbeat:


*gasps! I love this show!!! Definitely reserve!


woohoo! :hugs:


I’m totally signing up for this. Never watched the show, but I don’t care!


Ooo, reserve, please!


I submitted Darcy Sierra Londynn and Diego Delacroix!


@Krokoro is this still on? If so, reserve?


Hey, is this still open? :cry:


Hello? :eyes:


I submitted characters as i said earlier.