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I know this sounds weird but just go with it.
I’m feeling bored so just send an request and I’ll give you an outfit.

It is totally fine if you don’t use the outfits but if you do give me credit.


Are you hiring?

Hiya! Idk how experienced you are with transfemme/androgynous outfits but as I’m sure you know there’s a pretty big lack of options for them so I was hoping I could get some ideas for different combinations of outfits.

Style: LL
Gender: Non-binary (Male body frame with female type)
Age: 18
Number of Outfits: 4 would be great but however many you can manage is fine.
Style: They always dress a mix of feminine and androgynous depending on the day. If you could include 2-3 femme outfits and then 1 androgynous one that would be great.

I just need some everyday outfits for them so nothing too fancy but if you could include their glasses (Blue Jungle is what they’re called I think) that would be great. I know a lot of the femme outfits have some clipping but I’d like to minimize that as much as possible. TIA!
Here’s my character card if it’ll help:


Credit to @/TaySilver for CC


sure np.

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not sure yet i just started this for fun and it will probably close eventually.

I’m sorry if the outfits don’t look good because there wasn’t really that many options but I hope you like them. Feel free to make some changes with this one.

Outfit 1

Round Lens Glasses Plastic Blue Jungle
Crop Tank Cotton Grey Black
Wrap Around Jacket Cotton Camo
Ribbed Side Pants Polyester Gray Black
Chunky Sneakers Leather Pastel Green

Outfit 2

Round Lens Glasses Plastic Blue Jungle
Half Zip Fleece Jacket Fleece Complex Color (Purple Lilac)
Baggy Khaki Grey Black
Booties Ankle Zippered Suede Brown Tan

Outfit 3

V Neck Short Sleeve Polo Cotton Cool White
Mini Skirt With Zippers Leather Red Plum
Loose Sneaker Rubber Black Blue



Ooh I really like all three of these, thank you! I will credit at the end of any episodes I use them in :blush:

Hey, I need some outfits here. All for male. I need something for like a bad boy, high school kid though, for my introduction.

how many do you want and what do you mean by bad boy? cuz when u wrote that i immediately thought of the cliche of wearing leather jackets, tatoos, etc. (not to be rude). That sounded weird I’m sorry, what I meant is like what do you want for the outfits?

How do you even add the outfit.

Like, two outfits and yeah leather jacket is kind of what I thought too. But I already have one like that so maybe something a little different? Anything comfortable with you.

hey sorry if you don’t like how the character looks, i was just trying to make a random character
Here are the outfits:

Outfit 1

Rolled Sleeve Jean Jacket Denim Grey Light Warm
Distressed Tight Jeans Denim Black
Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black

Outfit 2

Base Ball Tee Cotton Grey Black
Athletics Loose Workout Pants Denim Grey Black
Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black

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Thanks!! How do I credit you?

My instagram is @tanias_secret_account