Hey I’m making a story and they’re on a tv show in a mansion. When they get the rooms the LI and MC get the same room.
The reader gets the choice:

“Be flirty”{

    CAMERON (talk_flirt_charming)
You look nervous

    CAMERON (flirt_fingerbite_sexy)
Am I making you nervous [NICKNAME]?

    MAIN (talk_repulsed)
Ugh You wish

(Gotta put on the poker face...)

    CAMERON (talk_flirt_charming)
Don't deny it [NICKNAME]

    MAIN (talk_apathetic)
Oh god stop with the nickname

    CAMERON (flirt_fingerbite_sexy)
I know you love it

    MAIN (talk_sarcastic)
Is that so..
(What should I call him?

input What’s His NickName?|What’s His NickName?|Done (NICKNAME)

    MAIN (talk_sarcastic)
Is that so [LINICKNAME]

    CAMERON (talk_flirt_charming)
Trying to be flirty
I like it...

    MAIN (eyeroll_sarcastic)
Yeah I'm being flirty

&overlay HOST BUBBLE1 create
&overlay HOST BUBBLE1 opacity 100% in 0

}“Be casual”{

    MAIN (talk_awkward_loop)
Hey I'm Annabeth

&MAIN starts idle_awkward_scratch_loop
CAMERON (talk_armsraised_neutral)
Hey I’m Cameron
You know your name is kinda long
Can I call you something else?

input What’s Your NickName?|What’s Your NickName?|Done (NICKNAME)

&CAMERON starts idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop
MAIN (talk_agree_happy)
You can call me [NICKNAME]

&MAIN starts idle


But I need a nickname for the LI and they’ve never met before

Somebody got some ideas?

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Pumpkin? :joy:

What’s the name of character means it will be simple easy