Nickname help please!


So I need 4 nicknames!

2 for each character

  • Their families call them
  • What they call each other

MC Her name is Harley she is the high school bad girl type. She has black hair and grey eyes. She loves skateboarding and drawing.
LI His name is Aaron he is one of the “cool nerd” types (smart but is one of the popular’s) He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He loves studying and family

They have been friends since they were babies so it could just be something they called each other when they were little. For the nickname they call each other preferably an inside joke. (Could be anything)

For the family nickname just something kinda silly but a name all her family and non-blood family would call them.

Thank you!

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I’m not sure, but you can maybe base their “inside joke” nicknames on an… inside joke? lol I don’t know… like let’s say Harley had an incident where she got peanut butter all over her body as a kid and so he calls her “Butternut?” Try to think of an incident first and then base the nicknames off of that. I hope this helps!


It does help thank you!!

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