Nickname Option?

How can I let the readers choose their nickname? Does anyone has the template?

@Input What is your name | What is your name | name (NAME)
Still, Im not sure, try and see if it works

Not working.

input Question? | Question? | Done (ANSWER)

not showing on my preview

You should preview it on ur phone

It doesnt show up in portal

Oh :3

It’s working. How will I use the nickname on my script?

Read through this guide: A Guide to Typed-in Choices

Use this instead of the name you used e.g. Sarah
Hey everyone, Im NAME
Change the display name to NAME as well

Okay thanks!

Nickname isn’t showing on my script

I wrote “Woah. I like (NAME)”

Create a character named NAME and just use it for bring it up the nickname in the dialogue

You need to use in the dialogue

I like [NAME]

Oh okay!

It’s not working.

Oh it worked :3

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@Jeremy close this thread?

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