Night of the Werewolf SG Signups


Based off of the board game.


Every night in the town of Acacia Falls, people are turning up dead. The townsfolk are worried, police scrambling to find the murderer, but you can’t help wondering whether something supernatural is behind these deaths…


  1. No bullying or unnecessary drama.
  2. Don’t argue with me if you die
  3. If you die, don’t vote on the polls
  4. Don’t argue if you don’t get the role you want.
  5. Don’t tell any others your role



The werewolves are the killers. The werewolves will vote on somebody to kill in their PM every night.
To win, you have to kill all of the non-werewolves.


The doctors can choose to save someone every night. You can vote for yourself, or you can vote for anybody else, whether they’re a werewolf, seer, civilian, or doctor.
To win, you have to survive til the end and kill all of the werewolves.


The seers can ask the narrator ( me ) one person they want to reveal the role of every night. Then, they have to convince the others on why so and so is a werewolf or not.
To win, you have to stay alive till the end and kill all of the werewolves.


Villagers aren’t very special. Every night, their lives are at risk. In the morning, you vote on somebody to kill.
To win, you have to stay alive til the end and kill all of the werewolves.

The Way This Will Work

So let’s say so and so were being accused of being a werewolf. The accuser would have to give a reason on why they think so and so is a werewolf

This person is a werewolf because… * insert reason *

Then I would ask the accused for an album/reason why they’re not a werewolf.

I’m not a werewolf because… * insert reason *

After that, everybody can vote on the accused and whether to kill them or not. If you are killed, I ask that you don’t share your role until the end.
If there is a tie, then nobody will be killed for that round.

I hope that made sense. This is not a limited SG, but you are only allowed one character. If you would like to play again after the game is over, you can use the same character as the round before.

Sign up form

How active are you?:
Age ( 20+ ):
Bio ( not required but recommended ):


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Any one have a role play?

Reserve a seer!


You don’t get to pick your roles. Sorry :confused:


No no, it means your character’s age. Not your own.


Also, I’m going to sign up a character but it may take me a little while since I’m busy at the moment


Name: Taylor Walker
How active are you?: Most of the time (Not during school tho)
Age ( 20+ ): 22
Occupation: Author
Personality: Fun and bubbly but also emotional and is easily shaken
Bio ( not required but recommended ): Has a younger sister who lives with Taylor’s parents in another town. She visits them often. She doesn’t have a lot of friends in the town because she spends most of her time locked in her house writing.
FC: image


My last name :joy::joy::joy:


Reserve! :slight_smile:



Name: Ivy Johnson
How active are you?: I go to school, but active… about a 7/10
Age ( 20+ ): 21
Occupation: Coffee Shop Barista
Personality: She’s really bossy, and funny… likes being the host… are the main person, she hates being alone, and not being talked to, but in the inside she’s nice, and fuzzy.
Bio ( not required but recommended ): Ivy lived in a small house in the same place as she is. When Ivy was 5, her mother Dorothy Johnson divorced with Ivy’s beloved father Damian, Damian cheated on Dorothy, and Ivy didn’t know, because she was only 5. Ivy thinks her dad is a rude person, ever since then, she never played with her friends, or talked… until she went to high school.


Name: Sully Winters
How active are you?: Every day after school.
Age ( 20+ ): 21
Occupation: Waitress
Personality: Funny and kind, she is 100% weird and quirky at times. She isn’t even close to being pessimistic or an introvert. She always looks on the brightside. She is aggressive and rude at times even protective.
Bio ( not required but recommended ):


Sully had been bullied throughout her life. By her school mates mostly though. Its been 4 years since its stopped and may I say she’s become a new person. She had a real glo-up not the learn to use make up thing. She had an incident when climbing a tree now she has a scar on her thigh. She still loves climbing though. She had terrible parents, an abusive dad and slutty mom.

FC :


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