Night’s Story Shop

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my story shop!

Here I will be able to help you come up with story ideas. This includes:

  • Complete Story Ideas (Like the entire plot)
  • Narration
  • The Main Characters (Looks and traits)
  • Titles
  • Subplots
  • Endings

Whatever it is that your story needs just let me know! I am always flowing with new ideas, but I can’t write 50,000 stories at once! :joy:

Though I am here to help you, there are a couple rules that you need to follow.

  1. Use the password Stars✨, and remember to blur the password for me.
  2. Please be patient with me. I am a full time student and Episode isn’t my number one concern at the moment.
  3. If you do not like my suggestions please remember to be respectful. I am taking the time out of my life to help you, so please do not get upset if you don’t like my ideas.
  4. If you do not wish to have the story ideas or any of that public please say so after filling out the form and I will PM you.
  5. Please be sure to follow the forms, this way I can get you everything you are looking for.
Entire Story Form
  • Specific genre you like to write?
  • Are there any specific story types you like? (This includes cliché stories: if so please be specific of what cliché(s) to avoid)
  • What about dislike?
  • Type of scene
  • Character descriptions and clothes (if necessary)
  • Character traits
  • 1st or 3rd person
  • POV (if 1st person, who is talking)
  • Setting
  • Emotions in characters
Main Character
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Do you want them to have a specific personality (helps with hair)
  • Number of main characters
  • Description
  • Genre
  • Name if main characters
  • Short story description
  • Happy or sad?
  • Any very important information I need to know about your story.

So far I will be taking 3 requests at a time!


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